Bring your plans to life.

The art of creating living environments has entered an exciting new phase. Advances in technology are driving innovative products and applications for use throughout the building industry.

With over 40 years experience, Collinder is proud to be a trusted source of knowledge and one-stop installation, in consultation with the architects, designers and builders of the next home generation.

Not only do we recommend electrical solutions. We source and install the products, manage the project and maintain faultless automation systems - designed for your particular needs.

Our industry clients find this holistic approach saves their business time and money while driving sales.

Collinder is a certified service agent for most industry level accessory providers. We currently service numerous property management companies. Our proficiency with industry software allows us to seamlessly interact with architects and builders.

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Automate your home.

Welcome to the energy efficient age of home automation.

Home automation creates an intelligent home using innovative electrical products that respond to a single touch control.

The way you light your home, experience your entertainment, your climate and security can all be automated to suit your lifestyle and level of energy efficiency.

Collinder have been installing electrics for over 40 years, and automating homes for more than 10. Our one-stop design to completion service is a simple solution that includes project management between us and you, your builder, architect or designer. We're happy to recommend electrical installations and automation for your home.

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Collinder Makes Life Easy

One of Australia's most experienced electrical installation and home automation brands has renewed its position in the market.

Formerly Collinder Electrics, now Collinder has a new look and message for homeowners, builders, architects, designers and industry leaders one-stop installation and automation from des Read More

Collinder gives home automation a Push

Collinder recently announced plans to integrate Push Controls into it's product offering.

The Push Control system allows you to operate all the technology in you home directly from your own smart device. Enhancing control that you already have in your hands. The system works proficiently across most smart phones and tablets. The App is Read More