A story 40 years in the making.

Collinder has always been a family business, locally owned and operated by the Collinder family.

The company started small, building a word-of-mouth reputation for high work and service standards.

The current Collinder cohort grew up with the business, developing their passion for the industry, with all going on to become engineers and electricians in their own right.

Their combined knowledge and enthusiasm for the future of electronic installation drives the company today and motivates its workforce.

The company has survived through its expertise and ability to deliver cutting edge technology to an increasingly energy-aware world.

Rod Collinder purchases the company from his boss at age 22. The company is run from home. It specialises in new residential, industrial and commercial electrical works.
Collinder Electrics' reputation drives growth and the company is relocated to a new premises at Hoppers Crossing.
Expansion sees the company go to 'the next level', moving to a new facility and employing 3 more people.
The business diversifies its fields of interest and expertise. This requires another move to a small, purpose built factory.
Partnerships with major builders triggers continual steady growth and positions Collinder Electrics as a leader in electronic installations.The first of the Collinder children officially joins the company. Anthony is the youngest of 3. He takes up an electrical apprenticeship under his father.
Strong relationships are solidified with major builders and the company diversifies into the specialised area of underground works.
The middle Collinder child, Bradley joins the family business, contributing immediately with his enthusiasm and fresh approach. Brad is inspired by developments in large-scale home automation projects. Fuelled by the possibilities of a relatively unknown field, Collinder Electrics automate the home of a new client. Starting from scratch, Collinder rewired the entire home within 2 days to, accommodate the desired system.
Specialising in new-home large-scale contracts forces another move to the current premisis. Collinder Electrics' adds more large building firms to it's corporate client list.
Considerable land releases and a real estate boom, together with a growing client list, seeds growth. The company now has 30 employees working in and around greater Melbourne. Collinder identifies the opportunity to expand it's offering and concepts for an electrical 'show room' are developed.
The eldest of the three children, Nerelle, joins the family business. Nerelle's background in Electrical Engineering and Management skills prove invaluable to diversifying the company. Work on the new Collinder Studio is complete. Clients can now visit the show room to experience all the electrical devices the may want in their home prior to purchase.
Electrical installation supply contracts with large building companies are a valued business mainstay. New-home automation is identified as an exciting growth opportunity for Collinder. A demonstration space - the Collinder Studio - is built at the company's Hoppers Crossing headquarters. Collinder Electrics becomes Collinder, extensively relaunching the brand with an emphasis on home automation and marketing. The renewed brand is targeted to include architects, boutique builders, interior designers, shop and office fitters, large scale new-home building firms and consumers building or extensively renovating a home or retail space.