Frequently Asked Questions.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about electrical installations or home automation. Our friendly staff are more than happy to help.

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What is an electronic installation?
The design, product sourcing, installation and project management of large-scale corporate and commercial fit-outs or new-home electrical requirements, with or without automation.

What is home automation?
Most installed home electrical devices can be automated and controlled through one central (or numerous) points, such as a control panel, laptop, PC or mobile phone. Automating your home gives you simple one-touch control of your environment and allows you to program it for daily operations or one-off requests. It also makes homes more energy efficient, reducing energy bills.

How does home automation work?
Touch the central panel, screen or remote control to 'tell' your home what appliances to switch on or turn off, and when. You can communicate with your home automation system by phone and set the level of energy efficiency as well.

What can be automated in my home?
Indoor and outdoor lighting, music, home theatre, air conditioning and heating, security devices, gates and garage doors, watering systems and garden features, pool and spa equiptment, blinds and curtains, data and communications. As new energy efficient products enter the market, the list grows.

When is the best time to look at automating my home?
In the planning stage of any new home or renovation. Once you've chosen the electrical devices you want to automate their placement and wiring can be incorporated into your plans. For more information, talk to a Collinder Sales Representative.

Does Collinder provide Audio Visual solutions?
Collinder is experienced in and has cutting-edge knowledge of all areas of the electrical industry. We can recommend a range of options to fit your specific requirements.

Can Collinder project manage my electrical installation / home automation?
We are one-stop electrical and automation specialists. From planning stage to final installation and maintenance, Collinder will expertly manage your project.

Do I need to organise my house plans for my consultation?
No. Collinder will liaise directly with your architect or builder to obtain copies of required plans in their original electronic format.