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Seamless communication is essential to the collaboration process. At Collinder we keep every stakeholder informed and have an exacting approval process. We are experienced listeners and expert advisers. We only proceed when everyone is 'on the same page'. Our communication avenues are broad and always open.
Electrical installation and home automation is a consultative practice that Collinder excels in. We consult with architects, builders and their clients every step of the way, but what really sets us apart is the Collinder Studio. The Studio demonstrates capabilities and possibilities to clients in a living example that is tangible and real. It's an extremely valuable and rewarding stage of the process.
In an energy-aware world, home automation delivers the solutions most homeowners are seeking for energy efficient and sustainable living. The ability to monitor and control your energy output appeals to most new home and renovating clients. At Collinder we champion energy efficiency through home automation, assisting your clients to choose the right products and installing the hardware that will give them control of their environment.
Innovation can happen anywhere. That's why Collinder are across all new developments in the world of electrical installation and home automation. At Collinder, we have a 'best fit' policy. Which means we are committed to finding the very best products that deliver the desired outcome. We source and install technology from numerous trusted brands within the industry.
A great deal of planning and process goes into the creation of a seamless automated experience. Our design team are skilled at maximising plans to elevate the end user experience within their home. Objectives, budget, level of automation and timelines must all be met to achieve the optimum satisfactory outcome for everyone involved.
We've been managing electrical installations and home automation projects since 2001. In a burgeoning industry that's a valuable track record you can rely on. Our industry clients have confidence in our ability to fully integrate the installation and automation process. We work with all suppliers to ensure the right products are sourced and supplied, and nothing is overlooked. We take charge and responsibility for managing a smooth source, delivery and install process.
'Handover' is one of the most important steps in any installation or automation project. The nature and the extent of the handover stage is largely dependent on the scale of the project and the ability of the client to use the technology involved. Whatever it takes, however many visits are required, we do not complete handover until the client is completely happy with and in control of their new home environment.