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Collinder Makes Life Easy 18th of August 2011

One of Australia's most experienced electrical installation and home automation brands has renewed its position in the market.

Collinder gives home automation a Push 18th of August 2011

Collinder recently announced plans to integrate Push Controls into it's product offering.

The Push Control system allows you to operate all the technology in you home directly from your own smart device. Enhancing control that you already have in your hands. The system works proficiently across most smart phones and tablets. The App is easy to download and allows you to control your music, TV, blinds, climate, security, gaming consoles and more.

"We we're very impressed with the Push Control product, and could see it's great potential with regards to new home automation" Collinders' Managing Director, Brad explains.

"The interface was smooth, seamless and easy for the user to understand and navigate. Not to mention, that the interface looks great - something that's becoming more and more important to the tech savvy consumer".

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